Atlantis Enterprises Press Release 
May 1, 1979: For Immediate Release

Southbay Band Emerges From the Suburbs

San Jose, CA Bay Area based rock group, China Cat, will be making their public debut in a special KYA-FM concert at Keystone Palo Alto, on Mother's Day, May 13th.

China Cat recently emerged from virtual obscurity to major public awareness through the release of their first single, "Can't Let Go" backed with "Everybodyís Mother". Atlantis Enterprises, the Los Angeles-based production company that released the record, has hailed the effort as "an unqualified success." Jack Tossman, president and executive producer of Atlantis Enterprises, stated, "...what started out as a test marketing single for a projected China Cat album, has gained more Bay Area airplay than many recent major label releases." China Cat's music has in fact already been heard on such area stations as KSJO, KEZR, KOME, KSAN, KFJC and KTIM.

"Can't Let Go" was added to KYA-FM's (in San Francisco) playlist April 25 and is currently receiving serious airplay, coupled with heavy concert promotion for the upcoming Mother's Day blow-out at the Keystone.

The group consists of :

  • Robin Gilligan --vocals, synthesizer & percussion
  • Michael Rizzolo-- vocals, guitar
  • Ken Rattenne--bass, vocals
  • Jon Nystedt -- guitar, vocals
  • Tim Larkin--drums, vocals

China Cat Promo Photo
Back Photo: Singles Jacket 
China Cat: left to right: Michael Rizzolo, Tim Larkin, Jon Nystedt, Robin Gilligan, Ken Rattenne.

China Catís single, CAN'T LET GO / EVERYBODY'S MOTHER on Atlantis Records, is available at Tower Records, Campi Music, Cymbyline Records, and Galactia Zoo.

For more information contact China Cat through:

Jack Tossman,
Executive Producer
Atlantis Enterprises

Or write care of China Cat 
1426 Fairfield St
Glendale, CA 91201

China Cat 

China Cat Management:
Nancy "I Wanna Be A Punk" Sutton 
    China Cat: "A small part of Bay Area music history."

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