Garden Party

Though the photographer and exact year are unknown, this pair of rare  family photos date from the early 1950s and depict the Seattle Rattennes (of which there are no more) in attendance at a family gathering. Depicted here are both second and third generation Rattenne's (your author is fourth generation, with second cousins that now represent a fifth).

According to Mike Rattenne III (of Gardner, Kansas) who was in attendance, the people in this photo are (left to right):

  • Suzzane (the little girl), who is Betty Mae's daughter; Betty Mae was Denize's only child. She committed suicide in Hawaii (date unknown).
  • Next to Suzzy is Denise, who was Paul Rattenne's third wife.
  • The older lady is Selena (Aunt Selena to Mike III and brother Don) andwas Denise and Betty Mae's mother.
  • Next is Paul (Mike and Don's Uncle Paul), brother to Mike II.
  • Sitting to next to Paul is Mike III.
  • The man with his back to the camera is believed to be Selena's husband, though Mike III doesn't recall his name.
  • During the same day Mike III climbs a tree during a little horseplay (right). (click on the inset photo to enlarge)

    The location of the photo is probably Paul's house or possibly Aunt Selena's.

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