The Houfek Sisters, three girls in an otherwise predominately male family. The three, Eleanor (named for her mother), a.k.a."Dolly," Jayne and Rosemary, had seven brothers, growing up with six of them.

From a long, forgotten photo album belonging to the Houfek Sisters' parents (Grandma and Grandpa Houfek), these images of lost youth remind us that we all are subject to the cycle of life. In most cases the photographers, exact dates and in some cases, locations are unknown.

In 2010, sister Jayne is the sole survivor of the three and along with brother Ralph, the only two surviving siblings of their generation.. 

A Young Eleanor Houfek, beaming in her new SPARS uniform, poses for a wartime portrait probably in Seattle, WA, The photographer is no doubt some long forgotten military lensman lucky enough to sit out the war in a cushy shore job for the War Department's Public Affairs office.

A typically gray day in San Francisco circa 1952 finds Jayne, Curly and Rosemary making small talk. The photo was snapped by either Dolly or "Uncle" Don. It would be Dolly if Don was at sea at the time, otherwise it's probably Don. Which means everyone is standing around waiting for Dolly.


(left) The three sisters, Appleton WI circa 1940. From left to right: Rosie, Dolly, Jayne. Jayne reports she was a mere 98 pounds upon graduation from High School. 

(above) Another sisterly photo at home in Appleton, circa 1941. Check out that car in the background! Note how differently each is dressed as opposed to the photo on the left. (click the photo to enlarge)