A Christmas Memory

Christmas has got to be the one time of year our most memorable memories are made. Too often, though, after the presents are home and photos developed and tucked in their albums the paarticulars of any given Christmas begin to fade. Well, through the magic of digital technology I offer to you two past Christmas', one exactly 40 years ago. So enjoy, because like it or not...this is your present!  Merry Christmas.

-Ken Rattenne

Christmas On Hocking WayChristmas on Hocking Way.

The year is most likely 1960, the occasion, Christmas Day. The whole gang is here, like at so many of our other occasions. This photo brings back a time when the Rattenne's and the O'Neills had a close family relationship. In the back row are Grandpa Houfek, Dolly, Grandma Houfek, Curly and Kathy. Then you have Jayne, Karen in her perpetual Pixie Cut, and Don. And finally, in the front row Patty, Kenny, baby Kirk and cute little Maureen. Question: Who took the photo? Probably Aunt Rosie.

Things to note in this photo:

For those who play Furniture Trivial Pursuit, the pole lamp in the background (on the right) eventually made it's way into Ken's teenage bedroom, holding one red bulb, one blue bulb and one green bulb (well, it was 1966) and stayed with Ken until around 1973. The other lamp (on the left) he sheepishly admits, still has to this day, helping to illuminate his living room.


Christmas 1957
Forty years ago the Rattenne Family's first Christmas on Hocking Way turned into an unusually festive event when Don's parents and brother Mike joined in with the O'Neills for a fabulous Christmas Day Dinner.  Missing from this photo are Kirk and Dennis, neither of which were even a glimmer in their parents' eyes in 1957!
In this "cousins" portrait, we see tiny Maureen in the shadow of her older sister Patty, who no doubt is holding a new Christmas present.  Next to Mo is Kenny and Kathy, then Pixie Karen. Question: Just what is it that Kenny and Patty are looking at? (JayneRattenne Photo) That Christmas featured visits from Grandma & Grandpa Rattenne and Don's brother Mike: From left to right (back row) Mike Rattenne III, Grandpa Mike Rattenne II, Curly O'Neill, Don, Grandma Hazel Rattenne, Jayne, Dolly and Rosemary.  (Ken Rattenne Photo)