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Circa 1935

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The whos who of the Erb Park photo

Paul Houfek has identified the following Houfek and Lonsdorf family members by number:
1. Great Grandpa Lonsdorf
2. Great Grandma Lonsdorf
3. Grandma Nora Houfek
4. Grandpa Wencil Houfek
(in the background with youngest son Jackie)
5. Jayne Houfek
6. Ralph "Bud" Houfek
7. Eleanor "Dolly" Houfek
8. Rosemary Houfek
9.     Ben Houfek
10.   Paul Houfek
11.   Janet Houfek (Ben's wife)
12.   Bill Lonsdorf
13.   John Lonsdorf
14.   Art Blecha 
15.   Laura Blecha
16.   Bill Houfek

Lyman Houfek was reported to be a "no-show" that day, which is why he is not pictured in this historic photograph.