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The Kansas Rattennes are spread out over eastern Kansas and western Missouri. The family homestead is located west of Kansas City, near Olathe, in a town called Springhill, and is known as the Round Tuit Ranch.  Mike is the sole survivor of the orignal Iowa clan.

Family members are:
Michael Leo III (Dad)
Dorothy a.k.a Dot (Mom)
Tammy (Daughter)
Mitzi (Daughter)
Michael IV (Son)

Tammy works for the USPS when she's not raising her horses on the Round Tuit Ranch. (working can be so inconvenient!).

Mitziis a medical doctor in general practice (practice does make perfect!), living with her husband Steve and two kids (Kara and Curtis)  in Liberty, Missouri, er, Missour-uh. Steve has his own business and works out of their home. 

Michael Jr.(Michale IV)  is an office professional in Olathe, KS, and has four sons of his own (including - yes - Michael V). He and his wife Lynn are assuring the Rattenne Family name lives well into the 21st Century.

Michael IV, Dot, Tammy, cousin Ken, Mike III, Round Tuit Ranch August of  1984. (click photo to enlarge)

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Dot and Mike in San Jose in 1994.

Mike on the Round Tuit Ranch
. in August, 1977.

Mike on on his tractor circa 2005
(click photo to enlarge)