Our Great Uncle Paul Rattenne

In the early 1940s Don Rattenne moved to Seattle Washington and stayed with his Uncle Paul. This photo, taken by Don, looks to have been exposed during an outing. The key to identifying the people in this image was the license plate on the car. It is a Washington state plate. 

One of the more colorful character to be a member of the Rattenne family, was Micke's second son, Paul. When our Uncle Mike was contacted about the photo, he answered with the below message:

"Yep, you were right. That is Uncle Paul and I do believe the lady with him is Mae.

"Can't remember her last name, but I think she was his second wife. Iva was his first wife, Mae was his second, can't remember his third and fourth, Denise was his fifth. But, this lady looks like Mae, a firery redhead and a lady barber. In fact, I think that's how Paul met her, getting his hair cut. I'm guessing again, but that car looks like it might be a 36 or 37 ford. He was strictly a ford man. He died in 1951, made Dad his executor tor. His last wishes were that he be cremated and his ashes be spread over the Puget Sound.

So Dad came clear out to Seattle had him cremated, rented an airplane and spread out his ashes. I was at Sea when He died. He was a Superintendent at the Ford Lincoln Dealership and he just Keeled over at work, he was taken home and never regained consciousness.. And that's the story of Uncle Paul.

"He had his good points and he had a few bad ones."

- Uncle Mike Rattenne

Updated 02/2-14