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Like her son Ken, Jayne Theresa Houfek was born to her parents at an early age (a very early age in Jayne's case) in Manitowoc, WI., in 19-something-or-other. She was the middle of three sisters, and part of a family that eventually numbered ten. In 1946 she moved west to California at the behest of her older sister Dolly, who had resettled in San Francisco after the war. 

Jayne met Don Rattenne on a blind date in 1947, and Don, who was an officer in the Military Sea Transportation Service, was immediately smitten.  The couple were married on October 16th, 1948 in a grand ceremony at the Naval station on Treasure Island, in San Francisco Bay. Thus began a marriage that would stand the test of time, ending upon Don's untimely death in 1996. 

Jayne was as close to the perfect Mom as you could get. She taught her kids what compassion and caring were, and along with husband Don, instilled the meaning of honesty and honor. Jayne also showed strength, taking over family responsibilities when Don was away at sea. 

She was (and is) a great cook, and loves to bake, especially unusual desserts, like her famous Cat Cake, a Halloween favorite. 

During the course of her life  Jayne has pursued many interests, not the least of which has been gardening. Her backyard garden at the family Homestead in San Jose offers Jayne a way to spend part of her day tending to all those flowers, and heap the praises of all who visit. 

Jayne also loves to travel. She and Don literally traveled the World, going to Europe, Australia and literally the breadth and width of these United States. She especially loved the many cruises they went on, sailing to such World fun spots as Hawaii, the Caribbean and Alaska. 

To her children, Jayne is the cat's meow. 


Pics From San Jose

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(Don Rattenne photo)

Jayne, waiting for food (she hates having her photo taken with her glasses on! (1995)

Jayne's famous Halloween Cat Cake

Jayne hired this guy to guard her garden

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