Caifornia Rattennes: A Brief History
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Amaryls.gif (7145 bytes)Ten months after their wedding, Jayne gave birth to their first son, Kenneth Paul. For the next four years the family would move to Seattle, then back to San Francisco, and finally to Marin County, in the town of Mill Valley. This move was prompted by the birth of daughter Karen Lynn a year before. 

In 1956 Don moved his family 50 miles to the south of San Francisco, buying a brand, spanking new tract home in the Santa Clara Valley, which in those days was still mostly orchard. The family moved again a year later from to a slightly larger home at 2472 Hocking Way, in neighboring San Jose. Two years later, Jayne gave birth to Kirk James, completing the family. 

In 1966 Don bought his final home, a four-bedroom two-story structure about two miles away on Todd Way. The selling price was $29,900 (he paid it off by the middle 1980s). 

The Todd Way house has remained the Family Homestead for over 30 years, and continues to be maintained by Jayne with the help of her children. 

Today, Ken, who is sngle, works as a self-emplyed computer consultant and writer in Modesto; Karen is married and employed by a Nevada City attorney as a paralegal; and Kirk supports his family along with wife Marlene as a wholesale flowers salesman.

All told, Don and Jayne did a pretty good job raising there kids.

In September of 2007 the kids moved Mom up to Lincoln California, just north of Roseville. In January of that year she took a bad fall while out walking in the neighborhood (she used walk two miles every morning) and fractured her arm. It was apparent to us all that we needed her closer so we could all take better care of her needs. As of 2014 Jayne literally lives around the corner from Kirk and his family with Karen and Ken visiting her often for days at a time.

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