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By Ken Rattenne, photography by the author

It's October 21st of 1995. The California Rattenne's have all converged on the Family homestead in San Jose to celebrate Don and Jayne's birthdays plus their anniversary, all of which occur in October.  Jayne's 8th of October birthday has already gone by, as has their anniversary date, which occured on the 16th. But today, the 21st of October, is Don's 73rd birthday, which had the convenience of falling on a Saturday.

The occasion was not unlike other family dinners that had taken place since...well, time began. The air was festive with joke-snickering and tale-telling (usually by Don)  that always goes on at these things. What none of us knew that night, as we sat around the dinner table eating chocolate pie with real whipping cream and watching our father open presents and tell corny jokes, was that come next October 21st, he would no longer be with us.

So it seems appropriate to assemble here on the Internet what has to be one of the last "family occasion" albums that was recorded with the Califoria Rattenne family intact.- Ken Rattenne


The Dinner Table
On October 21, 1995 Donald Clair Rattenne turned 73. The Dinner held to the California Rattenne tradition, with all three kids driving to San Jose to celebrate.

As with past Family Dinners, Jayne served up a great meal, complete with everyone's favorite dessert, chocolate pie! Left to right: Dennis Mosca (Karen's husband), Marlene Rattenne (Kirk's wife), Jayne and Don.

A favorite feature of the Todd Way house is the water fountain nestled in a corner of our screened-in patio. 

"Happy Campers"

Jayne and Don pose for their portrait
on Don's 73rd birthday. Gee, he got
cards and everything!
"Nicely Nicely" Don work's 
diligently on a piece of chocolate pie while Jayne takes this opportunity to describe ... something. 

A Look At Jayne's Garden circa 1997
One of Jayne's  giant sunflowers.

Part of the lure of the Rattenne Family Homestead is Jayne's amazing backyard garden. Let's take a brief tour!

MOMSBA~1.jpg (18616 bytes)
Can you identify this flower? Hmmm? Can you? Not sure?.
violet.jpg (23314 bytes)
One of Jayne's beautiful African Violets

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