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Welcome to the Railroad Pages, part of Ken Rattenne's Family of Pages web site. From here you can read online articles by author/photographer Ken Rattenne. You'll find additional railroad links and several articles on railroading during the 1980.

Central Coast Railroad Club Site If you are a member of the Central Coast Railway Club, you will find their site hosted here. There is a direct link just below or you can access it from the menu system. 

Ken's Featured Photo essay features have not been maintained for many years but you can still read essays from past efforts. 

Interactive Bay Area Map is still a great way to learn about  the  nomenclature of rail lines in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

I'm in the process of slowly remodeling this site after years of inattention. Please check back to see what's changed and send me feedback or corrections to articles I have posted on this site.

Take a tour of the San Jose and East Bay area railroad scene with our improved Southbay Railroads Interactive Map. Use the map to launch into any article area dealing with the San Francisco Bay Area.

Looking for the Central Coast Railway Club Link? Click here!

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The Railroad Pages is part of Ken Rattenne's Family Of Pages web site.
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