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The eldest brother of the Houfek Family was Paul Houfek, seen here in San Jose, CA in September of 1999.

Reunions! Reunions! Reunions!
San Jose, California, 1980
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Appleton, Wisconsin. 1935
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Two Reunions: The Rattenne-Houfek Reunion and the Lonsdorf-Houfek Picnic at Erb Park, Appleton, Wisconsin in 1935.

The Houfeks hail from "the Old Country," from what is now Czechoslovakia. The clan that is represented here settled in Wisconsin in the 1800s. They are a diverse family, with many accomplishments to their collective name, including published authors, artists (both performing and graphic) and - well, see for yourself. Learn about this fascinating and talented family by clicking on the various links in the menu to the left. 

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